Wilmington Homestead

Homebuyer Program

Join us on Saturday, December 7th

for the next release of Homestead Properties!

The Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank, in partnership with the City of Wilmington’s Department of Real Estate and Housing, recently launched its new Homesteader program. 

On August 12th and October 12th, over 150 prospective homesteaders joined us for each of these informative sessions that included property for sale and renovation, as well the opportunity to meet our lending and credit counseling partners.  Join us again on December 7th for the latest property release and more exciting program details!

This program offers a select group of Land Bank owned properties to home-buyers who commit to renovating a home and using it for personal use for a period of at least five years.  Interested buyers will be required to personally finance the renovations and to bring the properties back to livable conditions per City Code.

Properties are now being identified and basic renovation budgets will be prepared in advance.  The program will include a group of prequalified, 203-K certified contractors who will be available to work with the approved home buyers.  In addition, financing opportunities with approved lenders will be offered. 

Please email the Land Bank at info@wilmingtonlandbank.org or, click on the link at the bottom of the page to provide your contact information. 

Please note that the WNCLB property inventory system is being updated.  Please Email for a current inventory listing. 


Upcoming Meetings:
Greening Committee
Mon, 11/18/19 at 2 PM
Delaware Center for Horticulture
Technical Advisory Board
Wed, 11/20/19 at 8:30 AM
Habitat for Humanity
Governance  Committee
Mon, 11/25/19 at 10 AM
Wilmington City Council Meeting Room
Finance  Committee
Tues, 11/26/19 at 8 AM
WNCLB Headquarters
404 N Market St
Full Board Meeting
Wed, 11/6/19 at 8 AM
The Mill
1007 N Orange St
4th Floor
Homestead/Homebuyer Event
Sat, December 7 at 10 AM
Community Education Building