Side Yard Program

If you own a property adjacent to a vacant lot owned by the WNCLB, you may be eligible to purchase the lot to expand your yard through the WNCLB Side Yard Program.  Take advantage of this program to improve the value of your property, while helping to beautify your city streets and neighborhood.


To qualify for the Side Yard Program:

  • Applicants must own and live in the property immediately adjacent to the vacant lot.

  • Applicants must be current on all property taxes and other fees, with no record of overdue payments.

  • Applicants must also have no housing/zoning violations.

  • All applicants must be able to maintain side yard properties in accordance with all local codes and regulations.


All side yard properties are sold in a “as is” and “whereas” condition.


The WNCLB is not responsible for providing any warranty for the property.  All costs to maintain the property are the responsibility of the purchaser after closing.  Successful purchasers are also expected to pay annual taxes on acquired properties.


The cost of purchasing a side yard is $100. Applicants are expected to pay all settlement fees, which include deed preparation and recording (about $500). Purchase agreements may include combining the lot with existing property and/or other requirements.